I had resisted starting a blog the past couple of years because I did not think the world needed another blog about the personal life of another individual. Does anyone really want to know what I ate for breakfast or the details of my children’s toileting habits? After leaving my law firm life behind, and when my kids were all out of the newborn/young baby phase, I finally felt focused and driven enough to pursue one of my dreams of freelance writing.

I have been fortunate to publish some of my articles and blog pieces for, a prolific baby-naming website, and Fe Fit, an Austin-based fitness and wellness company. I have also written some pieces that have not seen the light of day. Sometimes the act of submitting a piece to a magazine or website can be more time-consuming than actually writing the piece. If you get a rejection for a piece you really love — you have poured your heart and mind into it — you may not have the gumption to write multiple query letters and submit multiple times. It is a huge high when you are published, and on the other end of the spectrum, it is disheartening when you think a piece is quality writing and relevant and you hear crickets from the publisher or website.

As a mother of three young children with a husband who gets deployed, I don’t have as much free time as I would like to devote to the craft of writing. Since I don’t have the time or patience to be as persistent as necessary to find more outlets for my writing, I finally decided it was time to create my own blog in order to put out the pieces of writing that I can’t — or don’t have the time — to find a home for anywhere else. People can read my works and enjoy them or hate them, but at least I am putting my words out there. When you write something you feel strongly about, you want someone to read it; otherwise, what is the point of writing it, other than for therapeutic or cathartic purposes?

This blog is not intended to be a mundane recounting of my life, as I am no different or more special than anyone else out there. I am hoping that through my writing I can connect with others, share something of my life that readers can relate to, and perhaps provide a little humor at times. I have no idea if anyone will read this blog, but if you do, thank you for taking the time to peruse my new site, and please excuse any freshman errors or grammatical errors/typos, as I am usually quite distracted by three small needy beings and a large furry one (and the dog, too). Kindly, Aimee


5 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Usually when you start out freelancing, you tend to fixate on every submission you send out. But after you go through your first hundred or so, the process becomes pretty automatic and submissions become more mundane. The trick is to always be working on something; don’t wait to hear back from one story before working on the next. Keep the process movin’.

    Nice blog. 🙂 Hope you continue with it.

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  2. Thanks Aletifer! I really appreciate your feedback, and I completely agree with you that working on the next piece after submitting one is the best method. I’m glad you enjoyed the start of my blog.


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